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Rift Valley Railways (RVR) commissions three of 20 General electric B23-7 locomotives from US at a cost of US$25m. This is in efforts to boost efficiency and speed of railway transport in Kenya and Uganda. They will also help ease freight volumes and ease movement across the region.

With Kenya-Uganda railway concessionaire, these are the first locomotives to be delivered in Kenya and Uganda since 1987. The  remaining 17 locomotives  are expected to arrive in the next five months.

RVR is on a 25 year contract to operate railway services along Mombasa –Kampala region and Nairobi commuter services. In August 2014, RVR acquired a simulator for driver training.

Currently, RVR total capital expenditure is KES 25.2 billion enabling it hire skilled workers, implement new technology, upgrade fleet and railway track despite facing opposition from the government over delay in purchasing new locomotives and rehabilitation.




Following steady growth in the truck segment in the region’s auto industry, local assembler General Motors East Africa (GMEA) has handed over a fleet of 10 Isuzu EXZ prime movers and trailers to logistics firm, Acceler Global Logistics (Acceler) making this the largest one time sale for the Company, to date.

Following Somalia’s suit against Kenya at the highest UN court, Attorney General Githu Muigai has selected a team of local and international maritime lawyers to represent Kenya over the long oil tussle in the Indian Ocean.

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The team is to have the first meeting at International Court of Justice by the end of this month. In the legal case, Somalia wants the International Court of Justice in The Hague to determine the maritime boundary between the coastal nations on rights for exploration and revenue collection from oil discoveries.

In June 2014, a preliminary prospectus read, “Kenya and Somalia are in discussion with regards to their respective submissions to the UN Commission on the Limits Continental Shelf.”

Later in 2009, Kenya and Somalia signed a memorandum of understanding that the border would run east along the line of latitude, but Somalia, which has lacked an effective central government since 1991, then rejected the agreement in parliament.

The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea states that all countries that border the ocean are allowed to use the 200 nautical miles into the ocean for exclusive economic purposes without interference from other countries.
Source: Business Daily




The largest irrigation project, Galana-Kulalu has been suspended by parliament as award of the contract was not subjected to competitive bidding. The Israeli firm, Green Arava was awarded the contract without following procurement laws.

Parliament affirmed the contract null and void until further procurement laws are followed, sufficient evidence, report and significant documents are provided to show that the company won the tender.

This project aims at boosting food security, employment opportunities and creating wealth across East African countries. The project set to commence next year will cost KES260 billion and is expected to ease Kenya’s reliance on rain fed agriculture.

The Galana-Kulalu Food Project located in the Coast region will have a substantial area under irrigation as a strategy and entry point for integrated farming for crop, livestock and fish production for local consumption and export.




Ministry of Energy and Petroleum plans to construct a 500MW natural gas plant in Hadado, Wajir County after discovering natural reserve gas in the county.

Africa Oil, a Canadian firm is presently conducting an assessment of the well to determine the immense gas deposits in Wajir. The gas plant is estimated at 1.8 trillion cubic metres covering an area of 200,000 square kilometers. In July 2014, Kenya announced the discovery of commercial gas in Wajir after a successful study was carried out in Hadado.

In addition, the earlier proposed plan to construct a 700MW Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant in Mombasa, Dongo Kundu has been put on hold at the moment as a new tender process is carried out. The gas plant was part of government initiative to add 5,000MW to the 1,664MW but bidders didn’t meet the set criteria required.

Meanwhile, oil and gas exploration at Badada location in Wajir County has received opposition from a local indigenous community protesting that it was not actively involved in consultations over the project.

Canadian firm, Taipan Resource Incorporation, is to carry out exploration activities in Badada Block 2B in Wajir.

With oil and gas exploration ongoing across the country, it is evident that high power and electricity costs will go down to improve the infrastructure sector.



Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda have called upon bids for the construction of a 784km pipeline to transport refined oil from Eldoret to Rwanda and Uganda.

The multi-billion shilling project will stretch out from the existing Mombasa-Eldoret pipeline from Eldoret town to Kampala (Uganda) and Kigali (Rwanda). This extension will also serve markets in South Sudan, DRC Congo, Burundi and Tanzania.

The pipeline will be built in two phases, phase one consists of a 350km stretch between Eldoret and Kampala and phase two will be a 434km pipeline connecting from Uganda capital to Kigali. The project will also see the construction of storage terminals in Kampala, Mbarara and Kigali.

Expression of Interests should be submitted before or by September 30, 2014.

Lastweek, Kenya Pipeline Company invited bids for the construction of 122km pipeline from Kisumu and Sinendet in Nandi to meet increased demand for oil products across the country.

In June 2014, the three East African states requested for a consultant to carry out a feasibility study and preliminary design of a 1,300km oil export pipeline to Mombasa.




Kenya’s Railway network is a strategic platform towards building a competitive transport system in the country. It is expected to increase mobility, reduce road congestion, remove major inefficiencies in the movement of both people and goods, reduce costs of doing business which will optimally lead to the development of a competitive private sector platform key to championing local, regional and global investment in Kenya and increased wealth creation for the people of Kenya. 




The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) held meetings from September 10-12, 2014, at Shelter Afrique Building, Nairobi, to discuss on Government of Kenya engagement in the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

The meeting sought to have a clear explanation on the involvement of sectors such as electrical, mechanical, engineering, tourism, security services, transportation and communication, ICT, building and construction, cement, etc in SGR project. The railway gauge construction is set to begin in October, will bring an enormous effect on the tourism, manufacturing, mining sector and trade sector.

SGR will be an advantage to the transport sector in terms of low transport costs, reduced road congestion, increased economic and social integration and employment opportunities. This will later improve local and International investment and wealth creation in Kenya.

Though we have the China Road and Bridge Construction (CRBC) undertaking the project and using locally manufactured products, there is need for detailed information on the role of Kenyan engineers in this project from the Government.This can help generate connection between government and the private sector in making use of the wealth expertise and investment capabilities in Kenya.

The railway gauge will serve this generation and future generation well if decisions are well set to render long term business investment. Therefore, the private sector should work together with the Government to build an efficient, productive and a high performance railway gauge.

On September 17-19, 2014, the local private sector together with Kenya Railways Corporation and China Road and Bridge Corporation will have another engagement meeting on SGR at Kenya Railways Corporation, Nairobi.

KEPSA represents over 100,000 direct and indirect members in the private sector.  Its mandate is to oversee private sector development through advocacy, projects and partnerships both local and international. It influences public policy through policy formulation and implementation.





By Mercy Nduati

Kenya’s Chamasoft scooped the African Technology Innovation award in this year’s Evernote Platform Awards held in California on September 4, 2014. The group was selected by a panel of judges at the Evernote Headquarters in Silicon Valley, California.

Evernote Platform Awards in partnership with the African Technology Foundation celebrates best software applications that connect with Evernote from across the world.

Chamasoft, premium investment financial management software enables group administrators computerize and monitor their financial records within a group. It stores information on all group’s contributions, expenditures and income.

Speaking to Kenya Engineer, Chamasoft Product Manager, Edwin Njoroge explained how to access the software, “To access this software, the group administrator has to have a username and password in order to register the group members. This software comes with a summarized dashboard for group Chama.”

“It enables group members view group accounts on a dashboard like group statements, penalties, loans and all other financials pertaining to the members and the group. The software is available on our online portal (Chamasoft) and an Android application is underway for smartphone users,” he adds.

Chamasoft is a product of Digital Vision East Africa and they are set to present their product during the Evernote Conference, EC4, in San Francisco.

Evernote, founded in 2008, is a workspace that helps individuals and teams write, collect, find and present work life together into one digital space. The company features the best applications on the Evernote App Center.




East Africa has in recent years seen exceptional growth in the construction sector, particularly around the development of new houses, multistory buildings, roads and bridges. This trend has contributed to a surging demand for building materials in particular cement and concrete.

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